Duplicate or Replicate

Replication takes place in a multi-million dollar factory and involves manufacturing a CD from scratch, with the information stamped right into the CD. This is a high-tech, high-speed process.  The components needed to set up each job are quite costly, making the cost of small runs prohibitively expensive. But for large quantities, it’s very cost effective. 

Duplication is the physical burning of CDRs, and is most cost effective when producing quantities less than 1000. Our duplication facility can produce several hundred CDs per day, depending on the complexity of the job and the amount of information on the CD.  When our expansion is complete (sometime in June 2007), our production capacity will greatly increase.  Our ability to produce a finished product quickly has been a lifesaver for clients who had a deadline for production and experienced delays in getting the job components ready on time.

Many clients, and especially musicians and performers, have found our service to be invaluable as it provides an affordable alternative to mass production, and enables them to make regular changes to content as they continue to develop their projects.  We generally make a duplicate master, and keep it on file, which makes reordering a breeze and as simple as a telephone call, or e-mail. We can add or delete tracks, or rearrange the order of tracks (for a nominal charge).  When producing data CDs, we can perform bit-by-bit verification, but because of format issues, this is not possible when doing audio reproduction with commercial duplicating equipment.  To compensate for that, we use the highest quality CDRs available for all our reproduction work, to ensure the highest quality results.

Whether duplicating or replicating, we have strived to keep our pricing competitive and have spent an enormous amount of time researching our vendors to ensure a high quality product, because, quite frankly, our clients deserve it.  

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