Terms and Conditions

  1. We do not accept pirated material.
  2. We will not accept material, which is the intellectual property of another party, without a signed consent form from that party. 
  3. We reserve the right to refuse work that is unacceptable by social standards of decency.
  4. Client assumes all responsibility and liability for the content of the work produced, including any legal fees or other liabilities that might be incurred by Desert Melodies Duplicating as a result of misrepresentation of ownership by that client of intellectual/copyrighted material.


We accept Cash, Personal and Corporate Checks, Paypal, and most Major Credit Cards. Payment in full must be received and all funds cleared prior to the start of production.

Production (In House):

Production begins once client has signed off on (approved) all related artwork.

Production Time (business days):

100 CDs (full retail package) 2-3 days
101- 250 CDs (full retail package): 2-4 days
251-500 CDs (full retail package): 2-5 days
501-1000 CDs (full retail package): 3-10 days
(Rush charges will incur a 15% surcharge and are subject to availability)

Production (replication)

1000+ (replication) 7-10 days
*Rush charges on replication orders will incur surcharges to be set by the manufacturer.
**Does not include shipping time.

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